Yes you heard it right, its  not a scam that this time Microsoft has decided to offer Windows 10 upgrade for free to Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users for the first year. You can consider it as a consolation prize for bearing with Windows 8.

Of course there are some exceptions to this party Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise and Windows RT/RT 8.1. But for a regular user like most of us its a pretty sweet news. Still there is a question lurking around that why would Microsoft miss out on such a huge opportunity to add a pile of revenue. Is there a catch?

No, there is no trick being played on consumers but its their new thinking coming from old ideas. Apple also offered Mac OS X Mavericks for free and gradually declined the price for updates as well. As a matter of fact they never relied on their operating system to make money. They have always enjoyed the success of their laptops fitted with good decent hardware. Unlike Microsoft who always relied on their operating system to generate more revenue.

Declining PC Sales

Since we are witnessing a decline in PC sales every year in favor of smartphones and tablets, it will definitely hurt Microsoft income from Windows operating systems. Windows 10 free upgrade is one tile to ensure Windows business keeps bringing cash. Did you say How?

Very few people upgrade immediately upon the release of new operating system and stay faithful to old friends (Windows 7, Vista or even XP). Don’t be surprised, just tell your neighbor about your Windows 10 upgrade and he will show you his content XP expression. Having everyone upgrading to Windows 10 will make life simpler for developers because they don’t have to work on developing different applications for different operating systems. Developers can develop more quality applications and quickly.

Microsoft is working on making its app store popular among users and developers to boost the Windows devices sales and making additional pie by app sales

This helps Microsoft selling those apps through their app store to take a cut. Apple has been doing this master work for long time now. If this strategy works then more developers would be working with Microsoft to sell their apps resulting in rise of Windows based devices.

It will also help Microsoft to improve their Microsoft account signups and other cloud based services like OneDrive.


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