Facebook Dislike Button Is On Its Way – Its Confirmed

Facebook Dislike Button Is On Its Way – Its Confirmed

I always wanted to tell people how much I dislike certain nagging posts from certain friends on Facebook forcing them to ponder where did they go wrong. There is always someone working on to make your wish come true. Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that Facebook Dislike button will be coming soon during a town hall meeting on Tuesday held at Facebook HQ.

Famous online community Reddit has this downvote feature which gives community users to share a constructive criticism to the post creator. It was learnt that Facebook kept the Dislike button covered under the wrap despite the increasing demand for it from Facebook users because they did not want to become Reddit.

It would be a very bold and exciting move for Facebook as it has been known for positive image in the absence of something as dislike button. However, there are occasions when like button does not do justice to what you feel about something which you see there on Facebook. Probably, Facebook has also realized it and they have decided to give away the simplicity of their social networking platform by accepting the long anticipated dislike button.


Products and Services which are using Facebook to build their image will have to make adjustment to their strategy to adapt to this change. There are many facets of this change which is going to impact us in many ways and we will be able to see that shift once the change goes live.

We hope that you also get to pass your feedback that why do you dislike certain posts on Facebook once Dislike button is rolled out to public similar to when you report any photo or posts as objectionable. It would help the author to become better and produce better content which is more accepted by people.

Facebook has become a live channel between service providers and consumers and companies take concerns raised on social media more seriously and act swiftly to avoid a dent on their social reputation. Dislike button hit would be a quantitative mark of their dubious distinction.

Overall it would be tough for Facebook to rollout dislike button and come out of their “positive feedback only” world. Here is a town hall post where you can see Mark Zuckerberg interacting with people at Facebook HQ.

Facebook Dislike button is reality