Pocket for iOS, Android and Windows

Pocket for iOS, Android and Windows

Pocket is a combination of cloud based bookmarking and a fine reader. It lets you save link (URL) of articles, news or story you care about to your Pocket account. I am going to show you how you can use Pocket to share information from any platform to your Pocket account and its super easy. So lets get started.

Getting Started

You must create an account on Pocket using your email address. Once done you can start saving links to your Pocket account. There are multiple ways of sending links to your Pocket account. The easiest option is to download the client application on your device which will allow you to share links directly to Pocket. Pocket has apps for following platforms:

  • Android
  • iPhone /iPad
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows Phone
  • Kindle
  • Others

Pocket for iOS comes in two separate apps; for iPhones and iPad. You will even find Pocket for Kobo, S60 and WebOS. Isn’t it sweet that it offers wide range of devices covered and the Pocket team has many other customized apps which are created by other developers.

If you do not find your platform listed above then you can save your links to your pocket account by sending the link via email to add@getpocket.com. Please ensure that link is mentioned in body of the email. You can add articles using any email address and as many you want although you need to confirm the email address when you send the email for first time. You will receive an email in your inbox to confirm and subsequent links will be added directly.

Better Reader

Pocket offers neat interface and possibility to change font and background color. I prefer to read on Pocket because it keeps all distractions like pop ups, ads and other stories. It’s a distraction free interface where you can only focus on your interest. Pocket also shows you the updated information which means it will sync with the source URL whenever you open the article. For an instance, you saved a news story but there is an update on the story now as per latest development. Pocket will intelligently identify this change and it will show you the updated article instead of old story.

Pocket is well equipped with powerful APIs to support images and videos without disturbing them in any way. You can watch this tutorial in this video to witness the simplicity and productivity of Pocket.

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