Two Factor Authentication Is A Must For Online Security

Two Factor Authentication Is A Must For Online Security

What’s The Security Risk?

You don’t need to be an IT ninja to understand and fathom that your online accounts can be hacked. You can take precautions and increase the password complexity but some guys are really good and they can manage to steal your password. You need two factor authentication to safeguard your accounts.

Common Methods To Steal A Password?

  • Using the same password on several online services
  • Clicking on a link in email message or website
  • Downloading a program from the internet

So you can’t guarantee that your password is safe if you do any of these things but not limited to these since everyday we discover new ways of stealing passwords. Are you feeling scared and edgy about the security of online accounts?

Losing access to your account and the information kept in it is one’s nightmare. These bad guys don’t settle with stealing your password, they lock you out by changing the password, delete emails, pictures, send unwanted emails to your contacts pretend to be you, reset password for online banking, shopping accounts etc. You must enable two factor authentication where a PIN is sent to you upon login with the password to your registered mobile number to increase the security even your password is compromised.

Two factor authentication (layer) authentication is an ideal solution for our problem. It enables an additional layer of security where after providing your password, it would send a text message (SMS) containing a code on your registered mobile number which you need to enter to complete the login. Even if your password is stolen the unauthorized user can not login to your account.

All major online services support two factor authentication but not everyone out there on world wide web offers this feature. However, you can find this feature adopted by all major online services including your favourite ones.

How Can You Use Two Factor Authentication?

  • Apple: Apple sends 4 digit code on your registered phone number when you attempt to login to your apple account from a new machine. You can enable this feature here. If you want to learn more about this feature then check this FAQ from Apple.
  • Google: Google also uses text message to send the 6 digit code to your phone when logging in from new machine. If you always use your device to always login and want to avoid two factor authentication then choose the option to don’t use two factor authentication for the machine. You can set it up here, if you have more questions then head to Google’s documentation.
  • Yahoo Mail: Yahoo’s two-factor authentication sends you a 6-digit code via SMS when you log in from a new machine. You can enable it here.
  • Facebook: Facebook calls its  two-factor authentication “Login Approvals” which sends you a 6-digit code via text message when you attempt to log in from a new machine.You can enable it here, or check out Facebook’s blog for detailed information.
  • Twitter: Twitter’s offers two-factor authentication by sending a 6-digit PIN via text message when you try to log in from a new machine. You can enable it here, or find more information available on Twitter’s blog.
  • Microsoft Accounts: Microsoft’s follow the similar approach where they send you a 7-digit code via text message or email when you attempt to log in from a new machine. You can enable it here or read Microsoft’s documentation for more info.

The list does not end here but I have tried to list most popular services. You may check the documentation for a service where you intend to enable two factor authentication to secure your account and its information. Needless to say a complex password and two factor authentication is the way to secure your online life because secure is good. Let me know, if you have a story to share in the comments section and if you have not enabled two factor authentication then don’t wait.

Pocket for iOS, Android and Windows

Pocket for iOS, Android and Windows

Pocket for iOS, Android and Windows

Pocket is a reader and awesome place for quality content searching souls. You may share your content with your friends and follow people to read what they are reading. Read More DetailsNext Article
Adnan Siddiqui

Adnan Siddiqui

Technology enthusiast and a blogger

Pocket is a combination of cloud based bookmarking and a fine reader. It lets you save link (URL) of articles, news or story you care about to your Pocket account. I am going to show you how you can use Pocket to share information from any platform to your Pocket account and its super easy. So lets get started.

Getting Started

You must create an account on Pocket using your email address. Once done you can start saving links to your Pocket account. There are multiple ways of sending links to your Pocket account. The easiest option is to download the client application on your device which will allow you to share links directly to Pocket. Pocket has apps for following platforms:

  • Android
  • iPhone /iPad
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows Phone
  • Kindle
  • Others

Pocket for iOS comes in two separate apps; for iPhones and iPad. You will even find Pocket for Kobo, S60 and WebOS. Isn’t it sweet that it offers wide range of devices covered and the Pocket team has many other customized apps which are created by other developers.

If you do not find your platform listed above then you can save your links to your pocket account by sending the link via email to Please ensure that link is mentioned in body of the email. You can add articles using any email address and as many you want although you need to confirm the email address when you send the email for first time. You will receive an email in your inbox to confirm and subsequent links will be added directly.

Check out the quick start video for Pocket demonstration:

Better Reader

Pocket offers neat interface and possibility to change font and background color. I prefer to read on Pocket because it keeps all distractions like pop ups, ads and other stories. It’s a distraction free interface where you can only focus on your interest. Pocket also shows you the updated information which means it will sync with the source URL whenever you open the article. For an instance, you saved a news story but there is an update on the story now as per latest development. Pocket will intelligently identify this change and it will show you the updated article instead of old story.

Pocket is well equipped with powerful APIs to support images and videos without disturbing them in any way. You can watch this tutorial in this video to witness the simplicity and productivity of Pocket.

Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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SSD Is Most Compelling Hardware Upgrade For Your PC

SSD Is Most Compelling Hardware Upgrade For Your PC

We all feel that you can’t keep up with the latest technology. You spend handsome amount to keep the best of what technology has to offer in the market and few months later you see it losing its charm due to more advanced piece of hardware gaining popularity. I feel your pain. It becomes imperative to upgrade your smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs sooner than later.

Luckily, there is a very economical way of reviving your PC or laptop by giving it an SSD gift- The Solid State Disk. Its a new generation of hard disk storage which does not store the information in traditional way.

SSD Hardware

The traditional hard disks use metal platters with magnetic coating. Magnetic coating saves your data and there is a reader which is mounted on an arm similar to gramophone. The platters spin at high speed and let this arm read the desired information on the disk.

Modern operating systems are aware of SSDs and have special code to offer enhanced performance and optimization of such disks. Apple has been using SSD in their laptops and ultrabooks for a long time.

Solid State Disk does not have any such moving parts rather they contain flash memory chips which are interconnected. Wait! It does not mean the speed of flash drive would be similar to SSD disk. SSDs offer faster performance than flash disk as they are technically different due to which they are expensive than flash disk of the same capacity.

Fast SSD

The next question is how fast it can be and is it worth? So let me share some tests ran by me on conventional HDD and SSD.

You don’t need to be a geek to reach this conclusion that Samsung SSD is 10x faster than the conventional disk. These benchmark results were achieved with Samsung Evo 850 120 Gb SSD connected to Sata III. The other disk is WD Green Caviar 2 TB on Sata III. This is pretty convincing if you were looking to speed up your machine.

SSD enhances your system performances in several ways:

  • Reduces boot time of your operating system
  • Application launches immediately
  • Overall system responsiveness is snappier
  • Save or open files instantly
  • Significant improvement in file copying and movement

How to choose SSD?

Its a technical dilemma when it comes to choosing speed or capacity since 120 Gb SSD would cost you around 5K whereas you can buy a 2 TB disk at the same price. You always need large storage and can’t fit in your large music library and movie collection in meager 120 Gb. Here is what you can do. You can install your operating system on SSD which keeps your system files and apps on faster storage device and you can keep your entertainment stuff on your conventional large storage capacity.

Which SSD brand is good? There are couple of vendors who are really good at this. OCZ which is now owned by Toshiba is great. Samsung has done some great job with their Evo series and it came very well and they are offering at a really good price. I am already using one and I have no complaints. There are few things you should consider before buying SSD:

  • It should be Sata III compatible
  • Review the Read/Write speed
  • Warranty which is usually around 3 years some of them offer 5 years too
  • Buy additional 2.5 inch enclosure for desktop machines

SSD Installation

When installing SSD on your desktop cabinet you would find it smaller since all storage devices are 3.5 inch but SSD are 2.5 inch. Hence, you should buy an SSD mount adapter which is available for additional 100 bucks.

All operating system treat SSD like any other hard disk, so there won’t be any difference when it comes to installing the operating system or applications. However, you may want to install optimization software provided by your vendor to fine tune your SSD for better performance and longer life.

I hope this article is informative for you, please let me know how did your upgrade go.


Download Subtitles Directly From VLC

Download Subtitles Directly From VLC

You spend most of your weekends and holidays watching movies and TV series at home. Ever encountered a situation when you are searching Google for finding the right match of subtitle and Google is not ready to please you. I share your emotions.

VLC is the most popular and the best video player which has an add-on available which solves your problem in few clicks. Probably you can find subtitles by manually searching as well but this will save you lot of mouse clicks.

So Here’s How To Do It

You can download the plugin from here. After downloading the extension from Github, just drop it in the appropriate folder.

  • Windows: C:/Program Files/VideoLAN/VLC/lua/extensions/

  • OS X: /Applications/

  • Linux: ~/.local/share/vlc/lua/extensions/

Download Subtitles- Its Showtime

Just play the video and click on “View” then “Download Subtitles”. You will see a list of subtitles which this add-on searches fetches from You can take the judgement call and hit download. No, you don’t have to load the subtitle it will be done.


Image Courtesy: VLC

Image Courtesy: VLC

Image Courtesy: VLC

Image Courtesy: VLC

Just stretch your legs and arms and enjoy the movie. Do you know anything like this. Please share your experience in comments.

AirDroid: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

AirDroid: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

I know some of you might have found AirDroid a killer app as I mentioned in Control Android Smartphone From A Browser. Indeed it is one of the most popular file transfer and sharing app backed up by strong user support with 4.5 rating in Google Play Store. This rating says a lot about the reputation AirDroid has in Android app market. So I am going to start this exciting How to Guide for AirDroid without wasting my keystrokes in telling how good AirDroid is. (more…)