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Our special guide posts covers technical implementation in very easy and simple way. These guides cover topics on mobile and computer applications. We share latest tips and tricks so you can keep up with changing technology.

Take Your Privacy Back From Google

Take Your Privacy Back From Google – Here is How?

  Privacy advocates have been ruing the loss of personal information of end users for a long time. Take your privacy back from Google which...
Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication Is A Must For Online Security

What's The Security Risk? You don't need to be an IT ninja to understand and fathom that your online accounts can be hacked. You can take...
Download Subtitles From VLC

Download Subtitles Directly From VLC

You spend most of your weekends and holidays watching movies and TV series at home. Ever encountered a situation when you are searching Google...

AirDroid: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

I know some of you might have found AirDroid a killer app as I mentioned in Control Android Smartphone From A Browser. Indeed it is one...

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