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Rumor mills were busy tipping about iPhone 6S for past month or so and the wait is finally over. Apple announced new devices and software at their annual event in San Francisco, California today. The most anticipated news iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus were announced by Tim Cook. Lets take a deep dive and find out the latest offering from Cupertino techs.

Apple iPhone 6S brings a mixture of enhancement on hardware and software end where everything got a little bump. A9 chip, 12 MP rear and 5 MP front camera, sensitive touch panels on hardware front. iOS 9 offers new Apple News app, enhanced Maps, Notes and Siri.



You can’t tell the different between iPhone 6 and 6S unless you see an S written on it. 6S would look and feel the same as iPhone 6. Although there is an additional color called Rose Gold in addition to previously available colors silver, space grey and gold. iPhone has A9 chip installed which is 70% faster for CPU tasks than the previous chip and 90% faster for graphic tasks.

Live Photos

Apple brings Live Photos with iOS 9 so when you take a photo it captures 1.5 seconds before and after frames to show a brief animation. You have heard that before? Yeah right! Nokia and HTC did that too so consider a new name for the same technology. You can use these live photos as your wallpaper. Wait! Did I forgot to tell you that you will be able to see the animated wallpaper since its a live photo. Welcome Dynamic Wallpaper with iOS 9.

12 MP Camera

There is so much love for camera lovers and photographers. There is a straightaway bump from 8 megapixel to 12 megapixel iSight shooter. Its 4 times better than 1080p HD video resolution. The front camera is equipped with new 5 megapixel FaceTime HD Camera which means you would love selfies more. They have some gorgeous sample gallery witnessing the advance technology.

3D Touch

3D Touch is the talk of the town and there was lot of focus on this during the event. Apparently everyone on the stage demonstrated that how this 3D Touch technology will soon be incorporated in our apps, games and iOS 9. So there is a sensitive tech installed underneath iPhone 6S display which observes the amount of pressure and easily distinguish what you intend to do. Apple has named it Peek and Pop. Peek lets you hold your finger onto an email with little pressure and lets you view the content of the email without opening it. Once you remove the finger you just come back to the same screen where you had left. If you apply little more pressure while peeking then it Pops out the email in foreground. You can relate some bit of it on Android smartphone when you hold onto something for longer it shows some menu or shortcuts. Here is an example of Peek and Pop for you.

Images Credit: Apple

iOS 9

iOS 9 is smarter and refined offering 3 hours of enhanced battery life. There is a Low Power Mode switch which will give you additional battery by reducing or disabling the background data sync and visual effects. Ahem! Samsung smartphone guys!

There is a new shining news app being introduced in iOS 9. Apple News does not do anything fancy. Its a regular news app like Flipboard or Newsstand. You can add categories of your interest, explore feature for suggestions for channels and search feature. Its Apple way of you not wanting any other application to read news out of the box in iOS 9.

Siri has been enhanced and now you can invoke it without holding the home button. Just say “hi siri” and take you Siri experience to the next level “OK Apple”. Maps have been improved where you can get transit information and you don’t have to rely on third party applications anymore. It would be a big relief for Apple map users as there were many issues in third party transit apps integration with Apple maps. Other changes include minor changes to the keyboard and app switcher. iOS 9 will be available on September 16 to download on iPhone.

The pre-order will begin from September 12 and will be available on September 25. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus be availalbe for the same prices as the original iPhone 6. It would be starting at $199 for 16 GB iPhone 6S and $299 for 16 GB iPhone 6S Plus.


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