What’s The Security Risk?

You don’t need to be an IT ninja to understand and fathom that your online accounts can be hacked. You can take precautions and increase the password complexity but some guys are really good and they can manage to steal your password. You need two factor authentication to safeguard your accounts.

Common Methods To Steal A Password?

  • Using the same password on several online services
  • Clicking on a link in email message or website
  • Downloading a program from the internet

So you can’t guarantee that your password is safe if you do any of these things but not limited to these since everyday we discover new ways of stealing passwords. Are you feeling scared and edgy about the security of online accounts?

Losing access to your account and the information kept in it is one’s nightmare. These bad guys don’t settle with stealing your password, they lock you out by changing the password, delete emails, pictures, send unwanted emails to your contacts pretend to be you, reset password for online banking, shopping accounts etc. You must enable two factor authentication where a PIN is sent to you upon login with the password to your registered mobile number to increase the security even your password is compromised.

Two factor authentication (layer) authentication is an ideal solution for our problem. It enables an additional layer of security where after providing your password, it would send a text message (SMS) containing a code on your registered mobile number which you need to enter to complete the login. Even if your password is stolen the unauthorized user can not login to your account.

All major online services support two factor authentication but not everyone out there on world wide web offers this feature. However, you can find this feature adopted by all major online services including your favourite ones.

How Can You Use Two Factor Authentication?

  • Apple: Apple sends 4 digit code on your registered phone number when you attempt to login to your apple account from a new machine. You can enable this feature here. If you want to learn more about this feature then check this FAQ from Apple.
  • Google: Google also uses text message to send the 6 digit code to your phone when logging in from new machine. If you always use your device to always login and want to avoid two factor authentication then choose the option to don’t use two factor authentication for the machine. You can set it up here, if you have more questions then head to Google’s documentation.
  • Yahoo Mail: Yahoo’s two-factor authentication sends you a 6-digit code via SMS when you log in from a new machine. You can enable it here.
  • Facebook: Facebook calls its  two-factor authentication “Login Approvals” which sends you a 6-digit code via text message when you attempt to log in from a new machine.You can enable it here, or check out Facebook’s blog for detailed information.
  • Twitter: Twitter’s offers two-factor authentication by sending a 6-digit PIN via text message when you try to log in from a new machine. You can enable it here, or find more information available on Twitter’s blog.
  • Microsoft Accounts: Microsoft’s follow the similar approach where they send you a 7-digit code via text message or email when you attempt to log in from a new machine. You can enable it here or read Microsoft’s documentation for more info.

The list does not end here but I have tried to list most popular services. You may check the documentation for a service where you intend to enable two factor authentication to secure your account and its information. Needless to say a complex password and two factor authentication is the way to secure your online life because secure is good. Let me know, if you have a story to share in the comments section and if you have not enabled two factor authentication then don’t wait.