Image Courtesy Google Drive Blog

I have seen a lot people losing their WhatsApp messages, photos and videos quite often. Reason – They lost the phone or formatted it and all other strange reasons. Not anymore. Google Drive announced an integration into WhatsApp application which will allow you to backup WhatsApp messages, photos and Videos to Google Drive. The update will be gradually rolled out and there is no fixed way to find out. As per Google Drive blog you need to keep on checking the settings to verify the option.

Are you wondering whats is the big deal about it? It is not a huge victory but it can save you from getting your hands dirty from creating backups manually or automatically and putting it on Google Drive or any other cloud storage. You need above average knowledge of Android. If you don’t then its definitely a welcome feature.

Whenever you upgrade phone or lose one then restoring your WhatsApp messages, photos and videos is going to be a matter of few taps. There was an update from WhatsApp rolled out today but I don’t see any option so far. WhatsApp changelog also does not mention this feature. I will keep trying and update this article when it becomes available. You also let me know if you get the option under WhatsApp setting on your phone under comments section.

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