Mark Zuckerberg must be a happy man for last couple of weeks. Last week Facebook crossed 1 billion active daily users mark on 25th August and now WhatsApp achieved another milestone of 900 million active users. WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum took to Facebook to share this news with his boss Mark Zuckerberg.

WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook last year for whopping ~ $19 billion despite WhatsApp loss in 2013 and 2014. Many experts opined that it was a way too much price for the messenger service. Facebook was on shopping spree in last couple of years and it was apparent they were going after the user base. Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in 2012.

Twitter has only 300 million monthly active users where Facebook is working on their vision to bring as many users under their wide range of social products.

Facebook has some crunching numbers with them. Here is a number perspective:


  • Facebook Messenger service has 700 million users
  • WhatsApp just announced 900 million active users
  • Instagram officially announced 300 million users last year Dec
  • Facebook juggernaut has already crossed 1 billion mark

Its been argued that active user count is not a criteria to quantify the success of any platform. For an instance if a user came online on WhatsApp for few seconds in a 30 day period, so he will be considered as an active user. The standard of success can be the number of messages sent in a month to qualify for being an active user.

Its still unclear that how Facebook monetizes the Messenger and WhatsApp business. Recently, they revealed a personal digital assistant “M” in the Messenger. The aim is to associate it with Company’s e-commerce business.

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