Internet is a giant mesh of connected web apps and services e.g. Facebook, Dropbox and Evernote etc. A modern man is using variety of such online sites and services in his daily life. Sometimes, you wonder if you could automate some simple things by putting Internet to work for you. For example, it would be nice if all my Facebook photos I’m tagged in gets automatically saved to my Dropbox account or could send me an email alert if there is a thunderstorm expected tomorrow. I know, you must be thinking that technology has evolved but I should put a stop to my innovative wishful thinking because such thing can wait till we land on Mars. Well, I would say its possible before your trip to Mars. I am going to explain how can you automate variety of such services using IFTTT.

IFTTT? If This, Then That

IFTTT is a platform which lets you perform certain actions by creating connections between two platforms. I gave two examples earlier to make you understand what I am talking about. In simple words, IFTTT has some predefined connections between apps and products which they call “Recipe”. Say a connection between Facebook and Dropbox, its a recipe.There are two types of recipe If Recipe and Do Recipe.

If Recipe

Here is an If recipe to download my new Facebook photos to my Dropbox folder.

IFTTT Recipe for Facebook and Dropbox

If Recipe Created Under My IFTTT Account

I am free of tracking which photos have been saved to my Dropbox account since I have put IFTTT to do this job for me and this works flawlessly.

Do Recipe

Do Recipes allow you to tap on a recipe button on your Android or iOS app to do something.

IFTTT Recipe to share location on Facebook

Do Recipe for IFTTT To Share Location on Facebook

Do you like it? I bet you do. You need to sign up and create an account for IFTTT and you can browse some predefined recipes which IFTTT community has been enjoying for some common tasks. However, you can create your own recipe which serves your individual requirement.

Remember you need to install IFTTT Do app from Google or Apple app store to use Do recipes. Its really productive and exciting. I am sharing some more recipes for your food for thought. Just give a try

Website: IFTTT