I know some of you might have found AirDroid a killer app as I mentioned in Control Android Smartphone From A Browser. Indeed it is one of the most popular file transfer and sharing app backed up by strong user support with 4.5 rating in Google Play Store. This rating says a lot about the reputation AirDroid has in Android app market. So I am going to start this exciting How to Guide for AirDroid without wasting my keystrokes in telling how good AirDroid is.

Before We Begin

  1. You can download AirDroid from Google Play Store using this link
  2. Connect your smartphone to your trusted Wi-Fi network
  3. You can launch the app from menu or use AirDroid widget. You will see an IP address something like this
AirDroid Launch

AirDroid Launch


Lets Get Started with AirDroid

Once you enter this IP in your web browser you will see a prompt on your phone requesting to accept this action.

Connection Request From AirDroid Browser

Connection Request From AirDroid Browser

Once you are in the options will seem familiar to you and you would definitely know what do with them. The GUI is very intuitive and clean. Just have a look at this.

AirDroid Interface On Your Computer

AirDroid Interface On Your Computer

You can manage following things of your Android smartphone:

Messages – Your text messages which can be responded as well


Apps – Browse apps 


File Manager – Browse files and folders on your device/card


Photos – Browse photos stored on your device


Music – You can play device music on your computer


Ringtones – Browse ringtones 


Videos – Browse videos on your device


Call Logs – Recent call history


Contacts – Phone directory


Frequent – You can see your recent contacts


Screenshot – This feature would take a screenshot of your phone screen (requires rooted device)


Camera – You use front or rear camera of your phone and shot video or pictures (there is a bit lag)

You can also transfer files, URL, APK or clipboard data to your mobile by dragging it to the right side “Upload to” section. You will really enjoy performing these tasks with AirDroid which you never found easy before.

You can also signup and create an account for AirDroid which helps you in using this service over your phone’s cellular data. Be careful while transferring large files if you have some data restrictions.

AirDroid is also available as application for Windows and Mac OS X which does not require a web browser. You can download AirDroid application from their website. You will find the link at the bottom of this article.

I hope you would find this article informative and helpful. Let me know about your experience and winning stories with AirDroid in the comments section.


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