Popular messaging application WhatsApp is now available on web. You can receive and respond to your text without taking your phone out of your pocket just straight from your desktop’s browser. WhatsApp is currently available on all popular smartphone platforms running Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows.

How WhatsApp Web works?

So you need to make sure that your data connection is working on your smartphone and its running the latest version of the app. If you are set on this front then head to WhatsApp Web Interface this link.

WhatsApp Web

Whats App Web Interface

There is a WhatsApp Web option under settings. Hit the option and scan the QR code using your smartphone app. Your phone data connection should stay alive in order to WhatsApp Web server to talk to your smartphone app. You can do possibly everything which you do with the mobile version of the app like sending/receiving text, video and voice notes. It would be possible to download the images and videos on your computer easily.

Now enjoy texting while working without letting your cellphone distract you. Aint’ that sweet!

WhatsApp Web