Ever encountered a situation when you need to transfer a file from your laptop to a friend’s desktop or smartphone sitting miles away from you instantly. I know, you would say send as an email attachment. I will tell you an easy solution which is FilePizza.

There are many cloud based services paid or free which allow you to put your content on the cloud and share with others by generating links or lets you share directly via social networks.You must have an account for your cloud service provider like dropbox. FilePizza is one step ahead thinking where you can transfer files using your web browser.

Transfer Files On The Fly

FilePizza lets you drag your file in your web browser and generates a link. You can share this link with anyone and they can download the file by opening the link in their web browser. Its a kind of a new way to share files in peer to peer mode via browser. Do you know what that means. It means that your file is not going through any third party server as it will be directly delivered from your computer to the other side. If you close the browser window then the connection would be disconnected.

The good part about this app is that it does not require any software installation. If you are concerned about the privacy of the data then the good news is that there is no copy of data kept. You don’t believe me. Its an open source application so you can check out the source code if you want. Let me know, what you think about this cool app in comments section.

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