Recall the incident when you were leaving for a vacation and wanted to transfer your favorite music from your computer to Android smartphone but lost your data cable and spent the rest of journey listening to your wife’s favorite radio station. You won’t regret losing a data cable next time once you are done reading this article because you can control Android smartphone using without any cable.

AirDroid is what you need which is available in Google Play store for quite some time now and it is free. You can install it like any other app and ensure your Wi-Fi radio is on. If your computer and Android smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi device then you can launch a web browser and enter the IP as told by AirDroid on your Android smartphone.

Once you enter the IP it would ask you to “allow” this action on your phone. Now you are all set to transfer files to and fro. The interface is neat and simple. You can receive and reply to your text message, browse files, review call logs, check storage status and other things.

The best thing about AirDroid is that if your phone is stolen then you can copy files, alert your contacts by reviewing call logs. You can use your device’s front or rear camera to see who is using your device and you can click a picture and save it on your desktop. You can also wipe the phone clean to ensure that your important information is not compromised. These all features are available with premium AirDroid which lets you connect to your phone if it is not connected to same network.

AirDroid is the best Android Manager available. There is an application also available for PC and Mac if you want to install and use the app on your computer.

There is a recent update for AirDroid which lets you mirror your phone. Does not make sense? Mirror means you can control  your phone and click on dial pad, answer the calls as they come right from your desktop without picking up your phone. Isn’t it cool. Make the best use of this information and stay tuned for a complete guide for AirDroid soon. Let me know about your experience with or without AirDroid in the comments section.

Download from Google Play store : AirDroid