Why is Windows 10 upgrade offered at no cost?

Yes you heard it right, its  not a scam that this time Microsoft has decided to offer Windows 10 upgrade for free to Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 users for the first year. You can consider it as a consolation prize for bearing with Windows 8. Of course there are some...
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Windows 10 Download Is Available Free This Time

The news is out and there is a buzz among tech enthusiasts around the globe with the launch of Microsoft new shining Windows 10 operating system. We have been keeping our fingers crossed after Redmond’s bold decision to do something new with Windows 8 to rule over the...
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How To Protect From Windows 10 Privacy Issues

There has been so much hullabaloo about online privacy and NSA spying on our online presence in recent time. Undoubtedly we are indebted to Snowden for his ground breaking and NSA shaking revelations. In other way he has made all of us paranoid about our privacy and...
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AirDroid: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

I know some of you might have found AirDroid a killer app as I mentioned in Control Android Smartphone From A Browser. Indeed it is one of the most popular file transfer and sharing app backed up by strong user support with 4.5 rating in Google Play Store. This rating...
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Download Subtitles Directly From VLC

You spend most of your weekends and holidays watching movies and TV series at home. Ever encountered a situation when you are searching Google for finding the right match of subtitle and Google is not ready to please you. I share your emotions. VLC is the most popular...
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Visiting A Blocked Site May Land You In Jail

There has been a lot of feedback provided to Microsoft around Windows 10 activation via Windows Insider Program. Its easy for Windows 7 and 8 users to install and activate Windows 10 without any problem. If you are trying to get a clean install of Windows 10 free...

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Broadband Internet Speed To Be Raised 4 Times

Did you know that India is home to third highest number of technology driven startups across the globe? The study, done by Assocham in association with Thought Arbitrage Research Institute. So add another bullet point in your list as a proud Indian. The mirror says...

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Join A Skype Conversation Without Installing It

This is a welcome change for Skype which allows users to join a Skype conversation by clicking on a URL. The conversation is not limited to messaging only but you can also join audio and video calls without installing Skype on your device. As of now the update is...

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Microsoft Surface Book – The Ultimate Laptop

Microsoft unveiled a surprise device at their October event. People were definitely expecting Surface Pro 4 tablet and Lumia 950 and 950 XL among others. Microsoft Surface Book is an impressive laptop convertible which made this event special. The laptop is shipped...

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